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Professional Loft and Attic Clearance and Cleaning - Exterminate Also Provide Professional Insulation Services At Outstanding Prices - Call Exterminate On 0852635994 For A Quote  

Exterminate will remove old insulation and biohazardous waste from your attic including rodent droppings, dead rodents, birds, insects etc. We can also spray contaminated roof spaces to remove all insects and protect against diseases such as Leptospirosis and insect infestations.

If you have pests such as pigeons, mice, rats, moths or insects we will happily provide eradication, prevention, and cleaning as required. Exterminate specialise in 3 factors related to the attic space, these are cleaning, waste removal and pest control - providing a complete and comprehensive attic cleansing.

It is important to perform loft cleaning and decontamination especially after a pest infestation!

The main benefit to our attic cleaning and decontamination service including the removal of insulation is the prevention of the spread of microorganisms and other contaminants like rodent feces and urine, contaminated debris or dust into your home.

Insulation is often soiled and damaged as a result of the hibernation of rats, mice, birds and even insect larva. These deposits can create strong odours which can be hazardous and make your home or business unsafe and unhealthy.

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Throughout the years well intended storage of memories and items in the attic space leads to severe clutter and makes the perfect space for animals, birds and insects to feed, breed, nest and hibernate. The attic also gathers a lot of dust as it is not cleaned regularly or at all. Some of this dust and debris flow inside the house through small holes and gaps between pipes and lights directly to the air you are breathing.

Exterminate can remove all or specific sections of insulation, then cleaning and sanitizing all the dust and debris from over the years and to perform a full loft cleaning and decontamination against microorganisms and other contaminants like rodent feces and urine.

The first step in the sanitising process is to remove all the current insulation from the attic, pack it in sealed bags and transfer it for disposal. After the insulation has been 100% removed, we start with the cleaning. The space is thoroughly vacuumed with an industrial vacuum with HEPA filters.

When the attic or loft is completely clean, we spray a sanitiser to disinfect the entire area. Exterminate can then lay down new insulation correctly and make the attic a safe and usable space again.

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