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Wood-boring insects flourish in damp and poorly ventilated properties. The insects can attack timber and cause structural damage. Woodworm is mostly found in softwood and the sapwood of hardwood such as elm and oak. It begins its life-cycle by laying eggs in the cracks and crevices of timber. The eggs hatch into larvae and feed on the timber, creating hollows inside the timber structure. It goes unnoticed until larvae feed on the outside surface of the timber, which allows for small holes to be seen. 

If you have spotted small holes in your woodwork, often surrounded by minute piles of bore/wood dust, contact Exterminate Pest Control Solutions. We can survey and assess the level of infestation and carry out treatment that will control the infestation and save your timber from further damage.

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Though it’s difficult to keep woodworm out completely, you can definitely make your home less appealing by: 

  • Keeping all wood dry - The wetter wood becomes, the easier it will be for larvae to bore through and live in. Female wood beetles want to give their offspring the best chance of survival so will select a wooden surface with this in mind.
  • Keeping your home heated and well ventilated - Heating your home to an adequate temperature while keeping it ventilated will reduce the chance of moisture buildup and saturation of wood.
  • Buying furniture made from good quality hardwood - Hardwood is known for being most resistant to woodworm infestation due to its density and lack of nutrients for woodworm larvae to live off.
  • Sealing wood with varnish - Varnish makes it harder for wood boring insects to penetrate a wooden surface. It is also toxic. Try to re-varnish or seal any surfaces that have worn away over time.
  • Carefully checking for signs of woodworm when purchasing timber or furniture - Always check that you are not bringing anything infested into your home.
  • Removing infected wood from your home - If you find out that a piece of timber is infested, remove it at once if possible.
  • Replacing infected timbers - Once infected timber has been removed, be sure to replace it with new timber that is suitably prepared with a protective finish and treated.
  • Treat the timber with a woodworm treatment - take the proactive step to prevent infestation and treat timber with a woodworm solution.
  • Using flytraps - Fly Traps can be used in a preventative strategy to catch and contain adult wood boring beetles before they have a chance to mate.

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