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Carpet beetles are flying insects, part of the family Dermestids. They are a common pest in warehouses, museums, homes and poultry houses. While adults of those beetles feed on flower pollen, carpet beetle damage by larvae to leather, textile and fur items can be irreparable.

Varied carpet beetles are black beetles, 3mm long with irregular patterns of white. They have brownish-black transparent wings. Their larvae are hairy, brown in colour and reach 5mm in length. Because of their appearance, the larvae are known as “woolly bears”. Varied carpet beetles are the most widespread species of Dermestids.

Carpet beetle larvae cause damage to animal materials found in home, which includes holes and trail-like patterns in fabrics of:

Carpets and rugs made out of natural materials such as wool

Leather sofas

Animal materials such as fur, feathers and even dried fish

Leather bookbindings

Photos and paintings

Carpet beetle larvae feed on dry protein so they are likely to attack any of the above items, as most of these items are costly the damage can be significant. 

Carpet beetles borrow their name from the fact their larvae feed on the carpet. The adults however feed on pollen and pollinate different flowers. They are attracted to light and actively seek it during the night. Carpet beetles burrow through thread and hide in spider webs, two uncommon traits for the insect kingdom. They can even make home in old bee and wasp nests, provided the nests are empty.

Carpet beetles reproduce once or twice per year. They lay up to 150 eggs, it takes two weeks for the eggs to hatch. Depending on the climate, it takes larvae up to two years to develop as adults. This means that if they remain unnoticed, carpet beetles have over a year to cause destructive damage to textile and leather items.

As carpet beetles damage textiles and leather, sometimes the cause of infestation can be as simple as a dead rodent between the walls of the building. Mummified corpses of rats and mice attract Fur beetles and Leather beetles. Dry pet food,both dog and cat, can also attract carpet beetles. It is important to check such food sources on a regular basis to prevent widespread infestation. Lint, hair, and other detritus in great amounts provide both food and shelter and serve as the perfect breeding ground for Dermestids.

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Unlike other insect pests, it is hard to prevent the occurrence of a Carpet beetle infestation. As they feed on textiles and leather, there’s also an abundance of food sources in your house. The only thing which can prevent an infestation is a high level of hygiene and frequent cleaning of the carpets and upholstery. Having a good vacuum with strong airflow and rotating bristles is a must for carpet care.

Heavy infestations must be dealt with with the help of insecticides. Spraying to the edges of your carpets, cracks, vents, crevices and other openings where Carpet beetles can hide. Then a carpet agitator should be used to work the insecticide into the fibres and backing of the carpet. If their larvae burrow inside upholstered items such as furniture, mattresses and pillows a method of fumigation may also be required.

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Exterminate Pest Guide For Carpet Beetles

Carpet Beetles Pest Guide Dublin | Kildare | Wicklow

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