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Pigeon Guano Cleaning & Removal is the process by which bird faeces, guano or droppings are removed from an affected area in order to prevent any negative impact on health and safety of those occupying the area.

Exterminate Pest Control Solutions are experienced in the removal of pigeon guano and cleaning of affected areas. In accordance with HSE Guidelines our trained operatives ensure that the risk of ingestion or inhalation of harmful microorganisms is minimised during the cleaning process.

Wearing suitable Respiratory Protective Equipment and Personal Protective Equipment Exterminate staff will work in a containment zone established around the affected area. The guano will be treated with a specialist sanitising spray, before controlled removal and safe disposal.

Many buildings, particularly older ones are subject to long term infestation of birds and therefore require specialised removal and cleaning before they are safe to work in. Bird Guano, if left for a long period of time, becomes highly corrosive and can cause costly damage to the infrastructure of a building.

The harm to humans and other animals comes from inhalation of dust from bird droppings or guano and can lead to a number of serious diseases including Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis.

Pigeon Guano Removal & Cleaning

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Birds can be problematic pests for businesses where they can get inside the building and cause real damage or externally destroy paths, walls, roofs, awnings, tables and can be an unsightly visual aspect for potential customers. Guano is bad news and when these birds leave their mess behind, it needs to be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent any damage or health issues.

Birds can damage the structure of a property due to their nesting habits, they can also spread diseases such as salmonella through their drippings. Bird guano can have a negative impact on businesses as the business may need to take costly measures to clean the mess and also repair the building. Below are some of the problems caused by birds.

Physical damage: Pigeons can dislodge roof tiles. Bird guano corrodes stone, metal, paintwork, and other material which can then damage insulation. As a result, the building owners may need to repair the damaged areas, which is costly and time-consuming.

Spread of diseases: Bird droppings are bad news, they contain many types of bacteria, viruses, and parasites which can contaminate food and lead to the spreading of the diseases.

Blocked drainage systems and water damage: The nest birds built in buildings cause a lot of damage. The nests can block drainage pipes and lead to flooding on the roof. The flooding can cause a lot of damage and will definitely need a lot of money to repair.

Consumption of stored food: Businesses that deal with flour or grain can lose some of their products to birds. These creatures can gain access to stores through doors, ventilation points, and damaged roofs. Packaged goods can also be damaged by bird guano.

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