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Nearly all pests represent a problem for business' whether dead or alive. Pests that have deceased due to termination or natural causes represent a health hazard for the customer, employees or stock of a business. 

Exterminate provide comprehensive pest cleaning solutions for any business. If your business has experienced an infestation Exterminate can thoroughly clean and sanitise all areas of the location quickly and efficiently to make the area safe.

Our pest cleaning service can clean any location at any time inside or outside. We can clean up any pest problem and ensure that it is thoroughly contained, implementing further preventative measure if necessary. 

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Exterminate can clean all buildings internally and externally. We can clean floors, walls, ceilings, surfaces, all furnishings, soft furnishings, electronics and more.

We have specialist cleaning solutions that disinfect and sanitise for different surfaces. We ensure that the area afterwards is completely cleaned to give absolute peace of mind. 

Don't underestimate the health hazards presented by rodents, birds and insects to your business. Call Exterminate To Help!

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Commercial Pest Cleaning Dublin | Kildare | Wicklow | Laois

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