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Moths are flying insects, closely related to butterflies. One or two around your home is usually nothing to worry about, but when you have an infestation, moths can cause expensive damage and sometimes cause a health risk. It is difficult to get rid of moths, so it is wise to employ the services of a professional moth pest control company.

Exterminate are moth control experts and we can rid your house of moths. Our professional pest controllers are skilled at moth removal and use several techniques to ensure every last one is gone. 

Moths can cause damage to clothes, leaving unsightly holes. It can be very upsetting when they get into wardrobes, chewing their way through hundreds of pounds worth of garments, including leather. They can also get into storage and it can be upsetting to find holes in your treasured possessions such as a  wedding dress. Most species are happy to feed on clothes and soft furnishings, so your carpets, curtains and sofas may also suffer.

Moths come in many different shapes and sizes. Unlike butterflies, most moths come in earth, muted colours, brown, white, grey or black. Their wings are covered in scale and usually don’t exceed 70 mm wingspan. Indoor moths are rarely larger than 20 mm, although there are outdoor species which can reach up to 120 mm. Unlike butterflies, moths rest with their wings flat. They also appear to be “furrier” and “fatter” than butterflies.

It is impossible to generalise the diet and behaviour of all moth species. Some species feed on pollen and fruit juices while others are predators and prey on smaller insects. The majority of moths are considered agricultural pests. The main food for moths in your home include clothing, furniture and carpets made of: wool, cotton, fur, cashmere, silk, linen, alpaca, hemp, flax.

It's not the adult moth that eats your clothes, but its larvae. They eat anything organically based such as cotton, fur, hair, wool, cashmere, even your carpets. And if they don’t have access to that, they would eat through non-organic materials to get to the organic ones. In other words, plastic bags would not protect your clothes from the moths' larvae.

It is crucial to solve a moth infestation without hesitation as they can quickly get out of control.

So, if you need moth pest control solutions, get in touch as we offer A Same Day Service 7 Days A Week. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Exterminate can use several methods for ridding your property of moths. Although there are domestic products available, they are no match for heat treatment and professional strength chemical treatments.

We can raise the temperature of the infested area using industrial heaters, which is very effective at disposing of moths at all stages of their lifecycle. The rooms are safely sealed off and heat is monitored very carefully by one of our expert pest controllers. For garments and more delicate items, we can use steam treatments.

Insecticides will successfully destroy adult moths, but are not as effective at removing eggs, larvae or cocoons, so you may need several treatments. Exterminate will use industry approved insecticides that are safe for humans and pets, which are applied with the utmost of care.

Our approach to pest control includes:

  • Proofing your home against pests
  • Elimination of Moths
  • Further Scheduled Inspections of property
  • Personalised consultancy

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