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One of the most common questions Exterminate get when called for a site inspection or survey on rodent pest control is - How did the rodents get in here? Sometimes that genuinely is difficult to understand. Rodents, especially mice can fit throught gaps as small as 5mm - Rats holes as small as 20mm. 

At times it appears that there's no visual entry points apart from open doors and windows on the vertical walls of the house - but that may not be accurate. Then there's the roof! Rodents can climb vertical walls if they are rough enough or have enough grip. They can also shimmy between gutters and walls to the roof. Once at this height, unfortunately on most roofs its easy to find a gap that a rodent can fit through. They can now enter the attic space and enter the property through pipe holes, or go through the cavity walls of the property. Easily venturing back and forth.

A careful rodent survey or inspection by Exterminate will find traces of their presence, but not necessarily an exacting how of their entry point or even where do they go - where are they now?

Exterminate will use all of the latest rodent tracking technology to get to the source of the problem - Read On Below

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Rodent Tracking Powder or Gel

Exterminate strongly support the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) by ThinkWildlife, and we know many of our customers also do. Permanent baiting is now banned to avoid non-target species and to stop the increase of rodenticide resistance in rats and mice. Therefore, rodent tracking products are a crucial element to have proof of an active infestation. Exterminate use a variety of tracking products include mice and rat tracking dust, tracking gel and monitoring paste.

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Rodent Tracking Bait

Exterminate Pest Control use Monitoring block bait with UV tracking additives that enhances the fluorescence of rodent urine under UV light to enable rodent movements to be followed. It is an indispensable tool following the abolition of permanent baiting practices. These blocks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Extermiante Rodent Tracking

Pest Night Vision Cameras

Upon suspicion of an infestation/rodent activities, Exterminate can set up rodent tracking cameras to verify the infestation. These cameras will provide video proof of rat activities in your facility.

Benefits of Rodent tracking cameras include - Proof of rodent infestation, Activity analysis, Weatherproof Operation, Cloud recording & Live view streaming for Instant alerts on movement or captures.

Exterminate Rodent Tracking Cameras

Infra Red Heat Detection

Exterminate will use Thermal imagers as a non-intrusive solution for finding pests in walls and other hidden places. As thermal imaging technology can detect things that cannot be seen by naked eyes, thermal camera has fast emerged as a popular equipment for pest control management in recent yearsFrom rodents to wasps to termites, Exterminate are using thermal imaging to quickly locate nests and minimising spreading chemicals like insecticides around homes.

Exterminate Thermal Imaging Pests Rats Mice

Commercial & Domestic

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Exterminate can provide a site survey if you suspect rodents, insects or other types of pests in and around your property. 

Exterminate will use the latest products and technologies to track your rodent pest problem.

Exterminate will provide a pest site survey, select appropriate pest control strategies and provide post monitoring confirmation.

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