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Pest Proofing

Exterminate Can Seal Up Your Property Against Pests - We Can Make Your Property Pest Proof

Stop Rats & Mice Entering Your Home

If you are experiencing problems with rats or mice entering your home - they are getting in some way. Exterminate are experts at understanding how to prevent pests from entering your home

Exterminate provide a wide range of pest proofing for rodents - rats and mice.

We can seal vents, doors, windows, drains, pipes, walls and roof spaces. Call Exterminate For A Quote.

Stop Insects From Getting Into Your Property

Insects are obviously small and can get into your property through the smallest of holes. Most likely insects get in through vents, gaps or open windows are doors. 

During the summer it can be particularly difficult to keep insects out when opening doors and windows for air. 

Exterminate can provide fly screens and insects guards to keep all manner of insects from infesting your property. We can also use exterior lures and traps to reduce insect numbers in your garden and prevent them from entering your home. Pest Proof Your Property

we can help you

Stop pests

Exterminate come fully equipped to prevent pests like insects, rats, mice and birds from getting into your home - we carry

All Weather Sealants

Vent Covers & Vents

Rubber Door Seals

Fly Screens

Wire Mest & Wools

Bird Spikes - Bird Wire - Bird Scarers

And Much More

Our approach to pest proofing includes:

  • Proofing  and sealing your home against pests
  • Elimination of entrance points through effective use of appropriate products and strategies
  • Inspections of property
  • Expert understanding of rodents, insects, birds & wildlife behaviour           0852635994

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How To Stop Insects Getting Into Your Home?

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