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Are There Rats In Your Home?

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If you think you’ve spotted signs of a rat infestation, call pest control now. Rats Are Difficult To Catch - Exterminate Know How To Catch Rats Quickly. Don't delay time by trying to eliminate rats from your home, call Exterminate to help.

The Rat Life Cycle

Rats breed quickly, some from 5 weeks of age. Rats are known to mate up to 500 times in a day. Rats are fertile every 3 weeks, they give birth after only 3 weeks and are immediately fertile again. Female Rats will give birth to 5 - 12 pups in a litter. Rat pups are generally weaned for a period of 3 weeks, they are then fully active.

Rats do not have a breeding season - Rats give birth all year round. Typically Rats will have a nest of 5 - 10 rats, maybe more if they have recently given birth to multiple pups. Different Rat nests can form close together forming a colony of Rats.

Winter is not Rat Season - Rats are always active!

When you suspect there are signs of rats in your house, such as scratching or scrambling noises or rat droppings, immediate action is required. 

You may not find rat droppings immediately in your search for rats. Rats tend to go to the toilet in one area, leaving approximately 40 droppings a day. This area may not be immediately visible.

Rats communicate and mark their territory by urinating everywhere they go, representing a significant health risk. The presence of Rat Urine or Faeces can mark your property as a safe zone for other rats. Rats can carry many nasty diseases, which can spread to humans, normally through rats’ urine or their bodies coming into contact with food preparation areas. 

Rats also have a knack for causing structural damage. Rats have to gnaw for up to 3 hours every day in order to keep their teeth in shape, and they’re not shy about what they gnaw on. Flooding from gnawed pipes and electrical fires from chewed wires may be associated with rat infestations.

Species Of Rats

There are two species of rat, the most common of which is Rattus Norvegicus, otherwise known as the Brown Rat or Norway Rat. Home for the brown rat is somewhere that provides food, water and shelter. The other is Rattus Rattus, commonly referred to as the Black Rat or Roof Rat.

In homes, they will live in roof spaces, wall cavities or under floorboards. In gardens, they will burrow into grassy banks or under sheds. Rat holes beside solid structures are sure signs of a nest. Brown rats are the rat most commonly found living in sewer systems. Rats are incredible climbers and so may be found nesting in roof spaces or attics. Check your attic regularly.

Rat Pest Control

So, if you need rat pest control solutions, get in touch as we offer A Same Day Service 7 Days A Week. We look forward to hearing from you.

Exterminate Pest Control can help you

Get Rid Of Rats

For any rat infestation, a qualified pest control technician is the best solution. We are trained in rat control and have access to a range of professional use rodenticides and tools, which are not available to the public.

Knowing how much, where, and when to deploy products is how Exterminate can take control of emergency rat control for you. There’s also a growing issue with rodenticide resistance in rats, due to incorrect choice and overexposure.

As Professional pest controllers we will take an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to tackling your infestation. We have access to monitoring equipment, which we can use to confirm entry points into your property, the size of the infestation and to track the rat to its harbourage (nest).

Exterminate will commence a proofing strategy and decide on the best course of action in terms of control; this could be traps, rodenticides or a combination of both.

Our approach to pest control includes:

  • Proofing your home against rat pests
  • Elimination of rodents (e.g. mice and rats) through treatments that avoid bad smells and help restrict the spread of disease
  • Inspections of property
  • Personalised consultancy           0852635994

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