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In Ireland, all bird species and their nests (if active) get full protection under the Wildlife Act, 1976. This means that you will need a licence from the NWPS before taking any direct action against birds, including trapping them in live cages.

The solution to this when birds need to be brought under control in a residential setting is based on bird exclusion and  bird deterrents. 


As with most problems, when it comes to bird control, prevention is essential to avoid future infestations. We can help to protect you and your property from nesting or visiting birds, with a variety of tried and trusted methods.

Contact Exterminate to discuss the best seagull and pigeon proofing methods for your building or home. Our friendly and professional bird control team covers the Leinster area, and will be glad to offer advice on the best way to keep your property bird free.


Bird/Pigeon spikes can be attached to a number of surfaces including roofs, ledges and guttering. The metal spikes point upwards and make it a very unpleasant landing spot. No harm is done to the birds, as they simply will not land on them. Bird/Pigeon spikes are used in urban areas on commercial buildings and private properties. While not aesthetically pleasing, pigeon spikes are a highly effective deterrent.


The use of nets is another humane method of pest bird deterrent. While they won’t solve an existing infestation, when placed on roofs and around chimneys they are an impenetrable barrier and also difficult to land on. Netting is very affordable, and more discreet than spikes so it lends itself well to listed buildings and private properties. 


Tension wire can be strung from posts on rooftops and ledges, to prevent birds landing on the surface below. Like netting, it is an affordable and unobtrusive solution.


Bird Gel is a novel, highly effective yet discrete bird deterrent, for use on buildings and other structures. The gel combines potent visual and olfactory effects, which deter pest birds from landing on the structure. The gel is not toxic or harmful to the birds, and they do not have to come into contact with it for it to be effective. Once properly installed, the product remains effective for at least two years, even in harsh climates. 


Birds/Pigeons nesting below your solar panels can be very damaging and can void your solar panel warranty. The mess pigeons make can also cause a bird mite infestation which can spread to inside your home. Luckily we have a solution and can install a steel wire mesh around your solar panels to stop pest pigeons from entering below.

It is crucial to solve a bird infestation without hesitation as they can quickly get out of control.

So, if you need bird pest control solutions, get in touch as we offer A Same Day Service 7 Days A Week. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Exterminate are highly experienced in bird control, and can provide a quick and discreet service for homeowners. Our service starts by identifying the bird species and finding the reason for their presence, before deciding on the most appropriate course of ant treatment. 

We use professional solutions to elminate the problem, which are very effective in deterring birds and their nests, even in the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Environmental issues are very important, and all of the chemicals we use are safe for people and pets.

Our approach to pest control includes:

  • Proofing your home against pests
  • Elimination of Bird Problem
  • Further Scheduled Inspections of property
  • Personalised consultancy

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