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If you detect rats in the walls, ceilings, or attic of your home, they are very likely to have come to your property from the sewer systems around your property. The best way to control rats on the long term is to fit a Rat Drain Blocker to your drainage systems.

Rat Drain Guards deny rodents access from the main sewer into the drainage pipes that are servicing your home or business. A Rodent Drain Blocker stop rats and rodents from breaking out of any damaged pipework underground avoiding the need to dig the pipe up to find the problem, which may have given them access to your property.

Rat Flaps are installed in your drainage system to act as a barrier to prevent rats in the sewers from making their way towards your home or business. This barrier moves in one direction in order to allow waste to flow freely through your pipes and to allow existing rats to exit. This one-way system ensures they can exit but never return. 

Exterminate will provide a full inspection of your property inside and out to understand the specific nature of the problem.

Exterminate Pest Control Solutions can fit Rodent Sewer Flaps in conjunction with immediate strategies to quickly and effectively manage the rodent infestation.

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If you’re experiencing a rat problem in your home or business, or want to have a Rat Drain Guard installed as a preventative measure, contact Exterminate Pest Control Solutions.

Rodent Drain Guards are recommended for every home as they:

Provide An immediate solution to rat infestations under floor boards, in walls or attic, as rats do return to the sewer for getting food (usually every day).

Eliminating the expenses or delays of investigative work, e.g.: drain CCTV surveys, lifting floor boards, removing plasterboards, etc.

Prevent the dilemma of killing rats by poisoning, which can leave dead bodies in the building structure and terrible smells that go on for weeks.

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