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Prices Start From Just €100 For A Qualified Pest Control Technician To Visit Your Property & Remove A Bee Swarm.

We regularly receive calls regarding large amounts of bees that have arrived suddenly onto a property and are now clinging to a tree or other part of a property.

This can be alarming for the homeowner as now the area seems inaccessible and they fear the bees are now resident. There's no need to panic! This is just a bee swarm.

The bees are currently all huddled around the queen, while she takes a rest from flying. Scout bees are wandering around looking for a suitable place to start a new nest. This may not necessarily be on your property. Although it could be.

If you want to do nothing, the bee swarm will generally disperse within a few days at maximum. Or, we can take the swarm away if necessary and give it to a local beekeeper to create a beehive

It's best not to go near the swarm as they could become defensive and sting. If you keep a distance from the bees, there should be no problem whatsoever. 

So, if you need bees nest pest control solutions, get in touch as we offer A Same Day Service 7 Days A Week. We look forward to hearing from you. Exterminate Pest Control 0852635994

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It is very common for bees to form a nest in other parts of a property like a chimney, the soffits and fascia near a roof or in the cavaties of a wall. These present more complex challenges for removal.

Sometimes homeowners call pest control to eliminate bees, bees are protected and every care should be taken to ensure that they are only removed if completely necessary. 

Using pesiticides on bees causes many problems. If the bees have been in residence within the property they have constructed a nest that contains honeycomb, which has lots of moisture. If you eliminate the bees with pesticides the structure remains. This can attract maggots, rodents or other bees, which will just find it and could take up residence again. 

A lot of times when clients call they say that the bees are a recurring issue. This is because the nest has not been removed

Removal of the nest can be complicated depending on where it is. Soffits and fascia may have to be removed, roof tiles or internal plastered ceilings or walls taken down. 

Exterminate would need to assess each bee removal to advise the costs and difficulties involved in each scenario. 

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