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Queen wasps emerge and start working on new nests in the Spring, as the weather gets warmer. By the Summer months, wasp nests are working overtime, with up to 300 eggs being produced every day and up to 5,000 adults feeding grubs and building the nest structure.

Wasps are one of the most feared and potentially aggressive pests, wasps are known for their nasty stings and seemingly unprovoked attacks. In reality, wasps will usually only attack a person if they feel threatened. The problem is a social wasp in distress emits a pheromone that sends nearby colony members into a defensive, stinging frenzy. That’s right - scare a wasp and it might call for backup.

Wasp stings are at best painful, and at worst fatal.

If you’re sensitive to wasp stings then they can send you into anaphylaxis - a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. Children, elderly people, those with allergies, and household pets are particularly sensitive to wasp stings.

Wasps around your business 

If you own a shop or restaurant you need to take wasp pest control seriously. If your customers experience a high level of wasp activity then they’re likely to complain and request a refund or leave a negative review. Either could result in a loss of future income. You have a duty to protect your customers and staff. To minimise the disruption to your business, contact Exterminate. 

If you’re seeing a large number of wasps in and around your home or work, there’s probably a wasps’ nest or a substantial attractant nearby. Wasp nests’ come in many different shapes and sizes. They’re amazing pieces of architecture that can contain up to 5,000 wasps during peak activity in late Summer. They build their nest using chewed wood and saliva to make a papier mache material. The nest material is durable, lightweight and surprisingly waterproof. Hundreds of wasps produce this papery material to build out their nest. Every wasps’ nest is both unique and shares characteristics with other colonies of the same species. Wasps are likely to make their nests in sheltered spots. You’re likely to find wasps’ nests Under trees, In bushes, In wall cavities, Under eaves or In your shed or garage.

Exterminate Wasp Pest Guide Dublin | Kildare | Wicklow

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To get rid of wasps you don’t need to remove the nest, but you may need to treat it. To keep yourself and your family safe, we’d always recommend the use of a professional pest control company.

Exterminate have the technical knowledge and access to a range of professional use insecticides which are not available to the public. We also have the appropriate protective equipment to avoid getting a nasty sting.

Exterminate will normally an insecticide near the entrance of the nest. The wasps then bring the chemical into the nest. After a couple of days the wasps will die from the dose of the pesticide.  

Alternatively, you can wait until the Autumn or Winter when you are certain no live wasps remain and remove the nest yourself. If the nest has been treated with a pesticide we suggest you wear protective clothing and gloves.

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Exterminate Wasp Pest Guide

Wasps Pest Guide Dublin | Kildare | Wicklow

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