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Silverfish are one of the oldest living creatures on the planet. Left untreated, they can cause expensive damage in the home. When you spot the signs of silverfish, it is wise to employ the services of a pest controller.

Silverfish feed on polysaccharides. Books, leather, coffee, carpet, sugar, paper, photos, cosmetics and starches are all included in their diet. They are attracted by damp areas and clothing. Silverfish thrive in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, attics, basements and inside box containers.

They are nocturnal animals and rarely wander during the daytime. They also move in a rapid, quick manner, making them hard for home-owners to spot. Silverfish reproduction is slow, the female can lay no more than 60 eggs at once, and on average lays 100 eggs per lifetime.

What they lack in reproductive efficiency, they make up for in longevity. Silverfish live up to 5 years and can survive for several weeks without water, and for a whole year without food. They also cannibalise fallen or injured insects.

Silverfish do not require specific conditions to infest your property. Although they prefer damp environments, they can still live in dry, well-lit areas, especially if there is an abundance of food. 

High humidity is usually a contributing factor to infestation. Silverfish thrive in areas with 84% air humidity and 30ºC. Another contributing factor is the abundant food sources. Those include but are not limited to cereals, sugary foods, old books, wallpapers, glue, and leather clothing. They also feed on various plants and on rotting leaves.

It is crucial to solve a silverfish infestation without hesitation as they can quickly get out of control.

So, if you need silverfish pest control solutions, get in touch as we offer A Same Day Service 7 Days A Week. We look forward to hearing from you.

Silverfish Pest Control Dublin

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Our Pest Technicians get plenty of call-outs to treat properties for silverfish - so if you’re having issues, you’re not alone!

Exterminate pest management professionals will take a systematic, integrated approach to silverfish control, starting with a thorough survey of your premises. This helps them determine any potential harbourages (shelter) and assess the level of the infestation.

We will then decide on the appropriate control treatment. Most treatments will rely on specialist bait treatments for Silverfish.

Our approach to pest control includes:

  • Proofing your home against pests
  • Elimination of Silverfish
  • Further Scheduled Inspections of property
  • Personalised consultancy

Silverfish Pest Control Dublin | Kildare | Wicklow | Laois

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