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Bed Bugs, crawlings insects and fleas can severely impact on a business' reputation and interfere with productivity. Exterminate can eliminate beg bug problems Quickly. Using professionally controlled heat treatments we can bring any infestation under control; we can also rejuvenate the mattress and sanitise it for the next customer. 

Using the most advanced treatments available Exterminate can treat the mattress, carpet, soft furnishings - the entire affected areas to ensure every aspect of the room is thoroughly treated. 

We provide bed bug, mattress cleaning, insect control treatments for hotels, hostels, guest houses, B&B's, student accommodations and local authorities.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Bed Bug Whole Room

heat treatment

Heat treatments are extremely effective at killing bed bugs, it is a process that is all natural. A bed bug heat treatment will kill those bugs in hours.

While chemicals can be an effective and safe way to eradicate bed bugs, using chemicals requires follow-up visits, and usually re-treatments. If you choose to go with a heat treatment, the bed bug infestation will be treated in a few hours, on a specific day. 

When the heat treatment is complete, the room can be used immediately. There is no wait for chemicals to dissipate or tents to be taken down.

Heat treatments kill bed bugs in all stages of development, including eggs. If you hire a pest control company to do fumigation, it is possible that bed bug eggs can survive exposure to the fumigants.

A bed bug heat treatment treats the entire structure and everything inside. You won’t have to throw clothing away or get rid of any of your stuff.

Adjacent areas don’t have to be evacuated during a heat treatment. That means untargeted areas of a business can continue operation even while a treatment is being done.

Commercial Bed Bug Pest Control

Commercial Bed Bug Treatments Dublin | Kildare | Wicklow | Laois

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

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