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Condensation Mould Damp Treatments

Exterminate have the ability to identify the presence of condensation caused damp problems and provide you with an effective and accurate solution

Condensation damp can be noticed in situations where there is visual evidence of your windows dripping with water. You may find this in the morning when you get out of bed and walk into the bathroom, or have been out of the house through the day and come home to find condensation on the internal side of your windows.

If the above applies to yourself then have the telltale signs of condensation issues. If left without acting on these signs, the condensation will eventually lead to more damaging problems to your property such as:

  • Peeling Wallpaper
  • Black Mould on the Walls
  • Damp Patches on your walls

The above symptoms will create infected areas in your home and can result in damage to your brickwork, potent and stale odours and also the prospect of harming the health of anyone living in the property.

Why is condensation damp such a common problem?

Condensation is a common problem, mainly because modern homes are nearly always insulated by double glazed windows, attic insulation and cavity wall insulation. Although these are all important to have in your property, it also means that moisture cannot escape. This leads to the moisture settling on cold areas of your house, such as walls and windows.

Exterminate can ensure that your condensation damp problems are dealt with effectively and professionally as we offer fully trained technicians that have your best interests in mind.

Our damp technicians have the experience and the knowledge to perform a bespoke course of treatment whilst undertaking all work in a respectful and clean manner along with demonstrating an environmentally friendly process.

The following areas are particularly prone to condensation:

  • Cold surfaces such as mirrors, single glazed windows and metal window frames.
  • Kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Walls of unheated rooms.
  • Cold corners of rooms.
  • Wardrobes/cupboards and behind furniture against an outside wall.
  • How to tackle condensation dampness

Contact Exterminate today for a full diagnosis and treatment of condensation damp. Exterminate is committed to providing not only a highly effective and professional solution to damp problems, it is also backed up by the very best standards of customer service and satisfaction.

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The right treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis from a professional surveyor. By having your property surveyed by a qualified surveyor will enable you to identify the root cause and allow us to recommend and provide a course of treatment to proof the property from future damp problems.

Any kind of damp problems can be the cause of highly significant damage to a property, therefore it is essential that you take the next steps to combat the problem right away.

Black mould produces mycotoxins which are harmful. Among the many symptoms the most common black mould health problems are:

  1. Nausea
  2. Breathing problems
  3. Skin irritation
  4. Damage to internal organs
  5. Tiredness
  6. Even death (ok, this would be a very extreme case, but it has happened).

In areas of high moisture it will have a moist brown/black appearance but in areas where the moisture source has dried up it can be black and powdery in appearance.

Black mould removal in severe cases is something that's best left to the experts, as disturbing it can release millions of dangerous spores into your home.

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