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The red fox is indigenous to Ireland, the increasing development of its natural rural habitat means that adapting to urban and suburban landscapes became a necessity. Instead of hunting and preying on other forms of wildlife, foxes had to adjust to scavenging and surviving alongside humans, which they do well.

Unfortunately, they did this so well that in some areas they have thrived, becoming a nuisance and a pest. Making the most of large gardens, with their warm compost heaps, sheds and even bird bath water supply, foxes are now a common sight for people. What’s more is that these predominantly nocturnal pests are not afraid to show themselves in the daylight, if they have grown up and become accustomed to noisy city life.

To spot a fox, look for its defining features and distinctive appearance. The red-brown coat, with a paler underside, is a good clue as to whether or not you are dealing with a fox or a stray. Also, note that a fox’s height is between 35cm and 45cm, with a noticeable tail, 30-50cm in length.

While foxes only have one litter a year, the litters consist of anything between four and seven young, all of whom mature at one year. As such, you could see an infestation of nearly fifty foxes in just two years.

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So many people mistake foxes for being shy, dog-like creatures, but they are indeed pests and need dispersing accordingly, in a safe and humane way.

Foxes can and do attack people and pets, but their aggression is not the only reason you need to solve your fox problem as a matter of priority. They damage gardens, act violently towards pets and carry sarcoptic mange (scabies) and distemper virus. This can be transferred to humans and pets, respectively; the latter can actually prove fatal for dogs and other pets.

To keep your pets safe, your home or business free from the effects of a fox infestation and to avoid the other issues that come with a fox problem, call Exterminate for advice and treatment plans.

Exterminate have several options for Fox Pest Control that will help you by employing deterrents, humane traps or proofing, to stop them gaining access to your property.

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