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In a commercial kitchen, an electric fly killer (often simply called a fly zapper or insect trap) is a vital tool/necessity in controlling pests. EFK’s need to be placed correctly in order to provide maximum effect and benefit. By emitting a bright UV light they attract flying insects, which are then either electrocuted or trapped on a glue board, Keeping  your food preparation areas hygienic and pest-free.

Exterminate supply and fit a wide variety of EFK's for commerical kitchens. We can inspect your property and provide the perfect solution.

Electric Fly Killers Professionally Installed

Electric Fly killers for commercial


Keeping the office space hygienic and comfortably free from flying pests is a must. Exterminate can supply, fit and maintain EFK's for your business, keeping you and your employees happy.

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Commercial Electric Fly Killers Dublin | Kildare | Wicklow | Laois

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