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Exterminate Pest Control receives lots of calls about wild rabbits. Wild Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) were brought to Ireland from Spain and France by the Normans in the 12th century. Originally kept in captivity as a source of food and fur, many escaped and their increasing numbers meant that farming them wasn’t an option. Famously fast breeders, the diet of the wild rabbit consists of most vegetable matter and as their natural predators were frequently hunted by man, they were quickly able to thrive. 

If you are a farmer or small land owner, you will know you have rabbits due to the damage they cause to ground level vegetation. Rabbits will eat seedlings and graze on young trees as well as stripping bark from older trees up to half a metre from the ground. You know when a rabbit has chewed plants and stems as they leave a sharply-angled cut made by their characteristic incisors. You may see rabbits grazing or they will leave evidence of their presence with a series of coarse, circular faecal pellets. Rabbits create networks of tunnels (a warren) for sheltering during the day as they mainly come out to feed at night or very early morning.

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Damage to crops, property and infrastructure, are just a few rabbit problems that affect businesses and homes- particularly if you’re on the receiving end of their voracious appetites and vigorous breeding habits. The breeding season for rabbits begins in mid February and can continue through to late summer. Famous for their reproductive abilities, rabbits have a 30-day gestation (pregnancy) period, and have several litters containing four to eight young each year. Easy to see how a rabbit problems can explode out of control!

There are a number of methods for rabbit control and often, our experienced technicians will select a combination of methods to control and manage the rabbit problem. We also ensure that our rabbit control methods don’t impact on the environment or other wildlife.

Common Rabbit Control Problems

Tunnelling rabbits cause ground to become weak and unstable

Loss and damage to crops in agricultural areas

Soil erosion caused by removal of vegetation

Damage to high quality amenity grassland such as golf courses

Tree bark damage

The legal obligation of land occupiers to prevent rabbit damage on neighbouring land.

Rabbit Pest Control

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