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At times clients can be embarassed needing the services of a Professional Pest Control Firm. Exterminate fully appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with a marked pest control vehicle visiting their home or commercial premises. For some its stigmatising, or they fear negative judgement and appraisal. 

Fear Not - Exterminate can provide unmarked pest control vehicles and services. We have several vans without markings, which can make call outs to homes and businesses. If specifically requested, we can also remove any clothing or apparel that carries our branding. We will also be mindful as we retrieve supplies from our vehicles to be discreet.

For a Professional Pest Control Service that can provide a service that everyone doesn't have to know about - Call Exterminate

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For a commercial enterprise, restaurant, food premises, petrol station, hotel or anywhere - reptuation is of paramount importance. Although Pest Control is a necessary part of nearly every business for hygienic reasons, sometimes its best done discreetly.

If you are having difficulties with rodents, insects, birds or wildlife at your business and want a Professional Pest Control Company to swiftly take action and remove the pest problem - Call Exterminate.

Not only will we react promptly, if requested Exterminate can offer a discreet pest control service removing all markings from clothing and arrive in an unmarked vehicle to inspect and administer our services. 

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