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How Do I Know I Have A Grey Squirrel Problem?

The most common pest problem with Grey Squirrels is when they take residence in an attic space. Any unusual noises or disturbance in a loft/attic space should be thoroughly investigated. It could be due to birds or mice or rats may have found their way there, or squirrels. Squirrels don’t hibernate in winter but they do become less active and will look for somewhere warm, dry and quiet for the cold months and beyond. An attic space such as is an ideal environment in which to build a nest and start breeding. Squirrels can make a tremendous amount of noise and usually are much more destructive than rats or mice. They will enter attic spaces for shelter or a breeding site. A male squirrel will have several dreys (nests) within their territory – usually in trees but sometimes in buildings. Sometimes squirrels can be a pest in gardens and can do damage to bulbs, plants, trees and eat birds eggs and young birds. Both types of problems can be successfully managed by Exterminate Pest Control.

Exterminate Pest Control Can Help Get Rid Of Squirrels

When squirrels enter an attic space, they can cause structural damage by tearing up insulation for bedding, chewing timbers, pipe work and stored items, and posing a fire hazard by stripping insulation from electrical wiring and/or chewing through cabling which can cause fires or electrical problems. Insulation may be pulled into large balls for the nest or drey. They may also contaminate uncovered water storage tanks, and the water supply. For these reasons, it is important to keep squirrels out of attic spaces. Squirrels in gardens are also destructive pests, eating plants, bulbs, stripping bark and will eat bird’s eggs and chicks. Grey Squirrels are classed as vermin. It is illegal to release a trapped Grey Squirrel.

Preparation prior to a pest controller inspection:

Leave any droppings or damage for the technician to look at

Don’t attempt to block any entry holes

Keep a record of where you see rats and ask you neighbours if they have any

If you are feeding wild birds then stop

If you have a compost heap then stop putting food on it

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Grey Squirrels

Pest Control for a Squirrel infestation is much more difficult & time consuming than other rodent pests. Control of Squirrels in outside areas can be carried out in some circumstances but needs to be carefully considered. To control the squirrels Exterminate will use specialist trapping & methods of exclusion. 

The technician may use lethal traps that kill the squirrels. Legally these types of traps have to be checked daily so can only be used if you are able to do so. Cage traps can also be used to humanely catch the squirrels, however they must still be dispatched by the pest technician as they are not allowed to be released back into the wild. 

One way exclusion devices are also possible to use. These devices are placed over the squirrel's entrance point. Once they leave through the doorway, they can no longer return to the nest. 

What Do I Need To Do Afterwards?

If the problem is internal then after treatment has been completed it is important that the building is proofed as squirrels are territorial and other squirrels will soon move into the vacant territory.           0852635994

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