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The sooner a woodworm problem is caught the better, so read this guide to work out if you have woodworm in your home or furniture, how to get rid of them and how to stop them coming back again.

What are the signs of woodworm?

If you’re not sure whether you have woodworm in your home, there are a few telltale signs to look for that will help you spot an infestation.

Seeing one of these signs by itself isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, but if you see several, it is worth calling out Exterminate Pest Control who can confirm whether or not your home has active woodworms.

Small holes in wooden surfaces: If you spot small, round holes in wooden surfaces within your home, this could be a sign that woodworms are present. The holes tend to be approximately 2mm in diameter, and similar in appearance to the holes on a well-used dartboard.

Powdery dust: Woodworms excrete a fine, powdery dust known as frass. You may find this on or near wooden furniture, often surrounding the small holes described above. These two signs in combination are a strong indication that you have an active woodworm infestation.

Crumbly wood edges: If the edges of floorboards, joists and other wood within your home show signs of crumbling, this may be a sign that a woodworm infestation has been active for some time.

Beetles surrounding timber: The name woodworm describes several species of beetle larvae, including:

  • Woodboring weevils 
  • House longhorn beetles 
  • Common furniture beetles 

If you spot the adult insects in your home, there’s a chance their worm-like larvae are feeding inside your wooden furniture, floorboards or joists.

When a newly formed adult woodworm beetle bores out of the timber, they take to the air in search of a mate. Adult males only have four days to achieve this before they die, so they will be quite active, often heading towards sources of light. This ‘flight season’ lasts March-September and is a good time to spot woodworm beetles in your home.

How can I Prevent Woodworm?

The key to this is the level of moisture in your timber. All woodworm larvae prefer higher moisture content, simply because it makes the wood easier to chew. So, you should eliminate any damp patches in your home that will affect structural timbers or house furniture.

Furniture beetles tend to prefer hardwoods with the moisture content of 28% or above. But equally, they can survive with moisture down to 12%, but they find it harder to feed. So keep your home well heated and ventilated and, where appropriate, seal your wood with varnish.

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Exterminate are woodworm specialists, treating properties for almost 10 years. Exterminate have a level of experience you need to ensure you get the right diagnosis and treatment.

First, we establish the extent of the problem. A fully trained and experienced surveyor will inspect your home. You need a thorough woodworm inspection to ensure treatment is necessary in the first place.

Once woodworm is confirmed, an Exterminate Pest Technician will:

  • Identify the type of beetle and the scale of the infestation
  • Establish if the woodworm is active and which stage of its life cycle it is in
  • Specify a treatment for your home
  • Identify any other repairs required (e.g. for dry rot or damp)

The Exterminate Team will then carry out the specified treatments:

  • Use a woodworm treatment spray that kills the insects on contact. (These are water based to reduce any risks to individuals, pets and the environment.) More in-depth treatments such as a penetrating insecticidal gel can also be applied.
  • Remove and replace timber which is too damaged to be treated, particularly where required structurally. Alternatively, resin-based repairs may be used.

Permethrin is effective against Common Furniture Beetle. For Death Watch beetle, we must also inject the treatment into the boreholes, as this beetle’s larvae lie deeper in the wood. For House Longhorn beetle, all timbers in your house must be checked for infestation and structural integrity, not just those visibly suffering from woodworm.

What is the cost of Woodworm Treatment?

In order to provide with an accurate quotation, an Exterminate Pest Professional will need to carry out a full inspection to determine the best treatment for the property. Cost of the treatment can depend on the damage caused by the woodworm and the size of the infestation.

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