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Domestic & Commercial Pest Management Services From Just €79 For A Qualified Pest Technician To Visit Your Property & Commence A Treatment Plan.

Exterminator Pest Professionals Servicing Sandyford - Stillorgan - Dundrum - Leopardstown & Surrounding Areas

For Domestic Pest Control in Sandyford Exterminate Provide A Same Day Pest Control Service 7 Days A Week . We Come Fully Prepared For Any Pest Control Problems. We Can Advise & Apply Immediate Solutions To Any Problem. 

For Commercial Solutions Exterminate Provide A Full Integrated Pest Managements Service Available 24/7. We Can Analyse, Document, Solve & Monitor Throughout The Year. We Also Provide A Biohazardous Cleaning Service To Ensure All Contaminants Are Safely Removed. 

Pest Control Sandyford - Stillorgan - Dundrum - Leopardstown


We've dealth with every pest problem imaginable and know how to best approach any pest problem.


Exterminate will survey & analyse, then apply appropriate solutions based on the environment and its inhabitants.


We'll quickly bring any infestation under control and provide preventitive strategies to deter future pest problems .

We have experience & proven


Even the cleanest of environments can suddenly be plagued by an infestation from a variety of pests. Exterminate can control any infestation, in an effective and environmentally-friendly way.

We deal with all types of pests, including rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasps and every other pest. We Offer either a one-off treatment to get rid of an immediate problem, or an ongoing maintenance plan for longer term solutions. Exterminate provide solutions using the following methods:

  • Exclusion – how to keep pests out of your premises
  • Restriction – helping prevent infestations through sound housekeeping practices
  • Destruction – eradicating pests where there is a current problem
  • Regular service visits/inspections of all specified areas of premises
  • Installation of monitors/detectors in accordance with the pest specification
  • Detailed reporting – recording each service visit, detailing any pest infestation findings, advice or recommendations, treatment carried out and pesticides used
  • Emergency call-outs or follow-up visits to deal with infestations.


  • Fast response from a local team charging competitive rates
  • Use of approved products in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Technical expertise, ensuring pesticides are used effectively and efficiently
  • Complete understanding of appropriate health and safety regulations

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Task: We Will Immediately Investigate All Facets of The Pest Problem. Understanding The How, Why & Where Of The Infestation. 

Action: Always Equipped Exterminate Will Apply An Immediate Strategy & Solution To Get The Best & Quickest Outcome Possible.

Result: We'll Have The Pest Problem Under Control In No Time - We'll Also Be Able To Help You Understand How To Prevent The Problem From Recurring.

If There's Biohazardous Waste We Can Provide Cleaning Solutions Also

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Amazing service, they arrived within two hours after i'd noticed rats in the garden and around the bins. The problem was sorted within 24 hours. They even filled in some holes in our walls and put covers on our drains and down pipes. Brilliant!                       

Will Mahon

We had a problem with mice in our attic, we could hear scratching especially at night, it was really disturbing and I couldn't sleep. They came the next day, and within 48 hours the problem was sorted. No problems since. Thank you!

Jim Quinn

I don't know how but our soft furnishings had become infested with fleas. We noticed bites on our skin for a while. Exterminate came and solved the problem within hours. No More Bites. Highly Recommended.                 

chloe Murphy

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