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Wildlife Management

Exterminate's Wildlife Management Service provides effective control of wildlife pests. Exterminate provide wildlife management for foxes, rabbits, squirrels, feral cats and birds. We deal with a wide range of different species that may have a negative impact on your home or business.

As humans, we happily share space with all types of animals. Most of the time, they don’t pose any harm to us, and happily go about their business staying well away from people. In some cases, though, wildlife species go on to become a problem and in these cases, a professional pest control service is your best option.

Urbanisation has created problems for territorial space between people and animals. Certain species have come to depend on human activity for their food, and others see buildings as a tempting hiding place from the elements, which makes them the ideal nesting habitats. These animals may pose a health risk to humans, as they can carry dangerous diseases or contaminate food with harmful bacteria. On the other hand, some species such as rabbits are more irritating than dangerous, as they can cause a lot of unsightly damage to carefully curated lawns and gardens. Whatever the problem they are causing, though, there is one clear solution - Exterminate’s wildlife management service

Wildlife species that may be considered as pests in certain environments include:

  • Grey Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis)
  • Foxes (Vulpes vulpes)
  • Rabbits (Oryctolagus canicularis)
  • Feral Cats (Felis catus)
  • Birds (Pigeons, Seagulls, Starlings, Crows, Magpies)


Since the term wildlife covers a broad range of species, it should come as no surprise that Exterminate technicians use a variety of different pest control techniques in our wildlife management service. Not only do we tailor our approach based on the species in question, but we also examine the problems that the pest is causing. This allows us to come up with the most effective solutions to suit any situation and ensure that the pests won’t simply come back after a couple of months.

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Wildlife Management

Exterminate Effective Humane

Wildlife Pest Control

Wherever possible, we will avoid harming wildlife in the course of our pest control services. Often our technicians can get the job done using methods like habitat modification, exclusion, and trapping. When lethal methods are required Exterminate’s pest control professionals are careful to cause the minimum amount of harm to any wildlife in the area.

When it comes to wildlife pest control, there are very specific regulations that need to be followed. For that reason, all of our technicians are trained to the highest standard and keep on top of all the rules and regulations surrounding wildlife pest control. We always take a humane approach to pest control and avoid causing any harm to non-target species who may be in the same area as the pest species.

Exterminate Pest Control can help with any wildlife pest problem because all of our technicians are trained to the highest possible standard. Not only that, but we also use advanced pest control equipment to ensure we always get the job done right. As well as dealing with the pest issue at hand, Exterminate will also employ preventative methods to provide long-term solutions, we’ll do everything possible to stop the pests from coming back.


Exterminate are the Wildlife Management experts. Whether you are in the grip of a serious wildlife infestation or think you have noticed the early warning signs of a problem, our professional technicians are always on hand to help. Don’t let wildlife ruin your life. Our job is to provide our clients with peace of mind that their pest problems are being resolved- so that’s exactly what we do.

Wildlife Management

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Grey Squirrels

Feral Cats

Birds - Gulls, Seagulls, Collared Doves, Crows, Pigeons, Starlings

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