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Exterminate have the knowhow and expertise to get rid of flies fast. If you spot an unusually large number of flies in or around your property, it is natural to reach for a swatter or a can of fly spray. However, when flies gather in huge numbers, they are persistent and incredibly difficult to get rid of.

Flies in the house are a constant annoyance in the summer months when doors and windows are left open. While swatting away these little pests can be irritating, it is nothing compared to the stress they can cause when they appear in large numbers in and around your home. 

Flies are the true definition of the word ‘pest’, being annoying, destructive and a danger to health. Their saving grace is that they are useful pollinators but when they are seen in large numbers, it is a cause for concern. Spotting the odd fly in your property is usually nothing to worry about but be vigilant for the signs of an infestation so you can take action fast.

Flies feed on decomposing matter such as food waste and sewage and are spreaders of diseases such as E. coli. If you spot the signs of a fly infestation, it is essential to call in a professional pest controller. We are fly control experts and we can rid your house or business of them for good. Our professional pest controllers are skilled at fly removal and use several techniques to ensure every last one is gone.

It is crucial to solve a fly infestation without hesitation as they can quickly get out of control.

So, if you need fly pest control solutions, get in touch as we offer A Same Day Service 7 Days A Week. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Exterminate can eradicate flies using several methods, depending on the type of fly and the severity of the infestation. We will start by identifying the species and then determine the best course of treatment.

We have a number of methods to exterminate flies, including the use of fumigation and fogging equipment. We can also provide non-toxic treatments, such as traps, but it is usually necessary to use insecticides as they leave a residual layer that will prevent the flies from coming back. 

Exterminate use professional grade chemicals, which are powerful but completely safe for humans and pets. Our pest controllers are experts in tracking down the breeding sites of flies and destroying them. They will also give recommendations to prevent future fly infestations.

Our approach to pest control includes:

  • Proofing your home against pests
  • Elimination of Flies
  • Further Scheduled Inspections of property
  • Personalised consultancy

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